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The Annual Election Period is October 15 through December 7. We’re here to help with your preparation and answer your questions.

Live Training Webinars

Monthly Training from UHC: To register, please email

MA/MAPD/PDP Certification

Certifications are located on United’s Agent Portal (Jarvis), which you can access at, on the Knowledge Center tab. Follow the menu to Training, and click on Certification.

Be sure as you do your certification that your pop-up blocker is off, as the website and certification process is entirely built around pop-ups. If you don’t know how to turn off your pop-up blocker, do a Google search for “how to turn off pop-up blockers in [your browser name]”.

Finally, while you are in the portal, take a moment to verify your contact information by clicking on your hyperlinked name in the upper right hand corner of the Home page. For compliance reasons, it is imperative that UnitedHealthcare® have current information for you on file!

If you have already certified for 2020, we congratulate you, and apologize for this well-intended reminder.

For detailed instructions, complete with screenshots, look at our Hints and Tips.

*Modules and tests are not compatible with mobile technology such as smart phones. iPads or tablets.

Who Must Certify

All agents must certify every year to be able to offer UnitedHealthCare® Medicare products and collect renewals. If you have a downline, you must certify for any product that someone in your downline may sell (in other words, certify for EVERYTHING!). Corporations should certify using the Optum ID that was created from the Party ID for the Principal. The certifications will automatically code over to the Corporation.

Commissions and overrides will not be paid unless certification is complete prior to the signature date of the app. Licensing and appointments must also be complete. Selling in a state you are not licensed in at the time of sale is cause for immediate termination. (UPLINES ALSO NEED TO BE LICENSED AND APPOINTED IN ALL STATES IN WHICH YOU AND YOUR DOWNLINE MARKET!)

Why Should I Certify

Annual Certification is required in order to sell (and be compensated for) 2020 Medicare plans.

Certification is also required to receive renewals on all plans written with a 1/1/14 or later effective date.

Finally, you must be certified to order 2020 materials. Materials for 2020 will be available to pre-order again this year. The pre-order window will be in mid-August. Please be certified at least several days before attempting to pre-order materials. More information on pre-ordering will be sent in August.

What To Certify For

Once you are in the Knowledge Center, your courses will be loaded for you. You must complete the three prerequisite modules, which this year will give you credit for MAPD, PDP, and Medicare Supplements saving you the time of doing those additional product tests!. If you are not completing the AHIP, or transferring AHIP credit, you do not need to do the AHIP module.

If you are a new producer, any 2020 certifications you complete will cover you for the rest of 2019 as well.

If you have a downline, please certify for all products.

If you sell Chronic or Dual products, be sure to complete that certification (they are combined into one module again this year).

If you are working a retail location during AEP, please certify for all products offered in your area, whether you plan on actively marketing them or not. Also be sure to complete the Retail module, called “Events Basics”, which is located in the Elective section of the Knowledge Center.

Do you know what products are in your area?
If not, preliminary plan information (not yet approved by CMS) is posted on our website here. (You must be registered with our website in order to view this information.)

This list is for agent use only, and cannot be distributed to members or prospects.

When Must You Certify

Certification is underway. Certification must be completed before the website will allow you to order supplies for 2020. Material pre-ordering information will be distributed as soon as it is available. (Material pre-ordering will begin in mid-August.) No commissions will be paid for applications submitted prior to certification. No exceptions will be made.

Where To Certify

To access the training, go to Jarvis ( Your Username is your Optum ID. (If you are certifying as a corporation, use the Optum ID of the Principal as the Username.) If you have forgotten your old password, click on the “password assistance” link in the Sign-In box. You will be able to re-set your password there.
Once you are in the website, hover on the tab for the Knowledge Center and click on Certifications under Training. A Certification Landing Page should open. Click on Launch Certifications, and a new window should pop open. If this does not pop open (either in a new window or a new tab), you probably have a pop-up blocker on. See the top section.


UnitedHealthcare® does not require AHIP testing, but will give credit for the AHIP equivalent products (MAPD and PDP, as well as Medicare Supplement) upon completion of AHIP and the remaining prerequisite modules. If you want to take the AHIP course and get the $50 discount off the normal price ($125 instead of $175), click on the AHIP course under your course list FIRST. It will take you to the AHIP site where you can take the discounted test. If you have completed AHIP certification, and wish to transfer the AHIP credit to satisfy the basic UHC requirements, click on AHIP (EDC Only) in the top section, and log into the AHIP website from there. Click on the Transcript button. At the bottom of the page will be a place for you to tell AHIP which company to send your scores to. Be sure it says “United”. You will also be able to print your completion certificate here. You will then be taken to the Pledge of Compliance. Be sure to click on “I comply” at the bottom. You must “pull” AHIP from the United side. You cannot “push” it from the AHIP side.

You will still need to complete the remaining basic modules before you receive certification credit for the products. DO NOT go back and click on the Basics course. Your AHIP provides credit for this, and re-clicking the course name could create problems with the website.

AHIP courses are purchased in groups of three attempts. An agent who fails to pass the AHIP course with a 90% score within six attempts is not permitted to restart the certification process through UnitedHealthcare® and is not permitted to sell any UnitedHealthcare® Medicare Solutions products for the applicable plan year.

Other Information

Again this year, United has provided an easy way to download the module content. Once you launch the module, click on the Resources tab in the upper right hand corner of the course (after launch), and click on the link for the module PDF. Some of the questions ask for very specific information that is found in the modules, and having the module to refer back to will be very helpful for you.

​As you work through the certifications, you will see references to “EDC”. That stands for External Distribution Channel. That means you. You are not a captive or internal agent.

Be sure to print a copy of your completion certificate, and keep it in your records. If there are commission disputes for lack of product certification, you will need this proof in order to release commissions. Certification must be completed prior to the signature date of the app.

If you have any question about whether or not a certification has been completed, or if you have any technical issues with the certification, contact the Producer Help Desk at 888-381-8581.

Failing a product course 6 times will prevent you from selling that product for 2020. Failure of a prerequisite course will prevent you from being able to offer any UnitedHealthcare® Medicare Products for the 2020 season. If you are having trouble certifying, please contact your upline before it’s too late!

How Does a Corporation Certify?
If you are appointed as a corporation, you will certify using the Optum ID you have created as the Principal. The Principal and Corporation should be tied together, and certifying once should cover certification requirements for both. Contact us, or the Producer Help Desk (888-381-8581) if you don’t know the Party ID for the Principal.

Sneak Peek

For a Sneak Peek of the 2020 plans available in your area, click here. Please note that this is preliminary information as plans have not yet been approved by CMS, so there could be some differences in the final versions. (You must be registered with our website in order to view this information.) This list is for agent use only, and cannot be distributed to members or prospects.

Additional Help

Individual technical problems accessing the certification should be directed to the Producer Help Desk at 888-381-8581.

This certification information will continue to evolve and be updated. Look for a link to the most current version of our “hints and tips” by clicking here.

For the UnitedHealthcare® 2020 Certification User Guide, click here.

​We anticipate and expect our agents act with the highest degree of integrity. We would like to remind you that UnitedHealthcare® Medicare Solutions takes a zero tolerance stand on unethical behavior and our policies and procedures strictly prohibit activities that are not in the best interest of those we serve.

Medicare Solutions Specialists

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Medicare Solutions Case Managers

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