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Employee Benefits

Group Medical

Issued to groups of two or more employees.  Level Funding option is available to help reduce premiums and create the possibility of premium refund.


Guarantee issue to groups at two lives and up.  


Low premiums, guarantee issue at two lives and up.

Life Insurance

Guarantee issue life insurance with significant maximums. Maximum guarantee issue amounts vary on group type, employee participation, and size. Premium for $50,000 is not taxable to the employee.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Guarantee issue for two or more employees. 

Short Term Disability

Guarantee issue weekly benefits, multiple design options, with short benefit waiting period options. 

Long Term Disability

Guarantee issue at two lives. Maximum benefit up to $20,000 per month or 70% of wages.

Long Term Care Insurance

Voluntary Individual policies issued with group simplified underwriting. Employee premiums may be deductible by the employer and not considered income to the employee.

Worksite Voluntary Plans

Voluntary Individual policies issued with group simplified underwriting or guaranteed issue including: Accident, Cancer, Critical Illness, Dental, Disability, Hospital Indemnity, Intensive Care, Life Insurance, Limited Medical, Long Term Care, Medical Bridge, Vision

Group Quote Requests

Completing our Employee Census Spreadsheet on a computer means we can get the information submitted quickly and error-free for a faster turnaround. Email the completed census to Please include any plan description, rates, and group information.

Contact Our Employee Benefits Team


Tony Frazee
Benefits Specialist
Ext. 1032

Case Manager

Jeannie Parkison, ALMI ACS
Case Manager
Ext. 1055
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