Questions to ask before you quote:
Diagnoses being treated?
Medications currently taking?
Non-tobacco or tobacco?
Any pending treatment?
Any ongoing physical, occupational or speech therapy?
Have you applied for coverage and were declined?

How to prepare for an exam:
Get a good night’s sleep
Stay hydrated
Document medications
Notify of any past blood draw issues
Do not consume too many salty foods that could elevate cholesterol
Do not do strenuous exercise, as this releases protein into the urine
Do not drink alcoholic beverages
Try to avoid nicotine and caffeine

How to prepare for a phone interview:
Compile medical information such as medications, names , addresses and phone numbers of physicians
Compile dates of surgeries, dates of hospitalizations/ER visits
Have test and lab results handy
Do interview in a quiet place without distractions
Do not drive when doing telephone interview
Prepare for a cognitive assessment

Where to find carrier underwriting guides:

The underwriting guides are available on our website under Underwriter, then click on Guidelines and Requirements.
As always, the underwriter is available by phone or email to help with questions you may have.

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