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Final Expense Life Insurance

Also known as burial insurance or end-of-life insurance, a Final Expense Plan is an insurance policy that helps cover medical bills and funeral expenses facing a family after a loved one’s death. There are three main types of Final Expense policies:

  1. Single-pay funeral trust plan: For people who choose to put a lump sum into their plan.
  2. Simplified-issue level and graded plan: For people who want to pay over time (this is the most popular type of policy).
  3. Guaranteed-issue plan: For people whose health issues disqualify them for coverage with a simplified issue plan; this type of policy has a much lower coverage cap. 

These options cost less than traditional insurance, and can be an affordable option for people on a fixed budget—such as seniors who want to plan for their end-of-life expenses.

Most importantly, a Final Expense plan enables a client’s loved ones to handle funeral costs, medical bills, and any other financial obligations during a highly emotional time.

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